There’s a storm coming. I need a…


  • a laptop computer with good batteries and a wifi antenna (or an analog external modem)
  • any needed prescription medications
  • diapers and baby food if you have a baby
  • pet supplies for your pet
  • menstrual pads and birth control – to cover those bases
  • fire extinguisher
  • lots of blankets including one emergency foil blanket.
  • 20 gallons of water stored somewhere out of the way.
  • A cast iron skillet
  • A few cans of sterno and a sterno “stove” – buy these at Walmart or wherever in the camping aisle) or a CHARCOAL burning BBQ grill. (These can burn wood in an emergency)
  • Two good flashlights and two sets of extra batteries for these
  • Candles – go for piller candles that don’t need holders
  • 4 working lighters
  • Two 30-40 gal paint buckets – put in an inch of water and you have emergency toilets. A large empty trash can also works in a pinch.
  • Toilet paper
  • canned food for a minimum of five days
  • a MANUAL can opener – the electric one won’t help you
  • two heavy glass mugs, two glass bowls, two spoons
  • one good knife
  • a good battery operated radio
  • an old analog phone – one w/o batteries. Try a Goodwill or grandma’s attic. These work off the phone line’s power and do not require additional electricity.
  • A good wrist watch
  • some good books, a board game, a deck of cards
  • A bottle of Vitamin C
  • A good first aid kit – try buying one of the “family” kits sold at Walmart, etc
  • A cell phone if you live somewhere where there is a signal.
  • A shovel
  • A police scanner or NOAA weather radio 

If you live somewhere really rural you might want to add… 

  • A CB radio with a dipole antenna or amateur (ham) band radio with booster. The Ham requires a license, 11 meter CB does not. 

And if you can make these long term improvements 

  • A wood stove to your home
  • A hand pump for your well
  • An axe and maul
  • A steel bucket
  • Solar panels 


  • full gas tank
  • 2 gallons extra
  • sterno cans and stove
  • 100 feet of 90+ lb rope
  • 10 feet of tow rope
  • 100 feet of 30+ rope
  • flashlight and batteries
  • foot operated air pump – try a camping store
  • battery operated pump
  • jumper cables
  • tire patch kit with can of Fix-a-Flat
  • basic tool set – automotive store
  • lug wrench
  • spare tire or very high quality donut.
  • WD-40
  • First Aid Kit w/any needed prescriptions
  • Change of clothes
  • Winter coat
  • Rain coat
  • Tarp
  • wool blanket
  • foil blanket
  • 2 gallons of water
  • toilet paper
  • lighter
  • work gloves
  • maps of your town, state, and states to the north and south of you
  • a compass – GPS is cool but if you have no power you have no GPS
  • two days of snack food
  • a good book
  • menstrual pads and birth control – to cover those bases
  • FRS/GMRS radio pair (for talking to the guy you are following – you know the one who goes ninety in a thirty five and loses you in no time flat.
  • and if you can CB radio, amateur radio, police scanner or NOAA radio 
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