So quick URLs, and get your hair done

Just a quick update today due to familial turmoil. I am going to just note a few spiffy web addresses today that will help you with your trip… 

To keep track of spending, try which provides estimates on daily expenses for up to 80 countries. 

To keep track of your electrical needs for all of those electronics you carry, laptop, iPod, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle and so forth, try Here you will find a chart of what kind of plugs, converters and adaptors you’ll need to keep those toys running. (Or, come on, just leave the nonessentials at home, k?) 

And to help you fit in in other ways, try AppBox Pro from iTunes. It contains currency converters, maps, tips and tricks, and useful phrases. 

While you are at it, provides 52 languages to choose from. 

Finally, for the fearless foodies who want to eat native, try out which covers 70 countries or for the higher class stuff. 

I also have a tip from a female traveler…she says put off that needed haircut until after you arrive in the country of your choice. She says getting your hair styled by the natives allows you to listen to their gossip about the best places to eat, shop, and have fun in the truest local style.