Nemesis Day

I received a Christmas card today by way of Steve(wtf, it’s early November yet, right? ) A Christmas card with chiba angels. Yea, gods. As if I did not feel bad enough. Once upon a time, Hector Hugh Munro (18 December 1870 – 13 November 1916), better known by the pen name Saki, proposed the only holiday I approve of. Like me he hated the Xmas hypocrisies – like chatty letters from people who only remember you exist at Xmas when they are thumbing/scrolling through their address books and go “Hey hon, you remember (your name here)?” His proposal was a day called Nemesis Day. On that day and on that day only, you could write to the people on your list and tell them what you really actually thought of them and with no fear of reprisals. so tell your real friends how much you love them, tell person A they need to quit scratching their ass in public, tell person B that you love them to death but if they ever put on the white trash comedy hour in your vicinity again you will scoop out their eyes and eat them (like in Event Horizon), tell person C that you hate them and their stupid knitted gift sweaters, tell person D that if they don’t quit with the bullshit you’ll take the goods to other interested parties (on the next Nemesis Day). Air out all your complaints, your obsessive loves, your secret affections and treasured hatreds all on that one day. I love it. Saki had this nailed and it would be the perfect cure to all the Christmas bullshit hypocrisy. If nothing else it would save me the trouble of regifting all the stuff I get every year from people who have known me, i.e. recognize me by name, sight or voice, but who still have absolutely no clue as to who and what I really am. (Some years I don’t even buy gifts I just rewrap everything and give it to someone else. Saves money but really adds to my hatred and loathing of the yuletide season. If you’ve known me for better than a decade and you give me a kitten shirt with sequins rather than a copy of Noir, f^ck you.)

All those in favor of founding Nemesis Day – give me an “Aye”.

P.S. I am not currently in a position to follow all of your fascinating posts as I only get access once a week as I had to seek help for my physical and mental illnesses and have to devote most of my time to that. I apologize and hope this will change soon…although that is not likely.