Roadside – Forest City, NC

An interesting day today. Whilst in search of a mechanic I found Linda Bedow – a fully qualified and licensed masseuse and bodywork therapist sitting in a floppy hat and a floppy camp chair selling massages and hot dogs at the side of the road.

Linda, a large-ish short haired lady with a great laugh and phenomenal hands who hangs out at the edge of the Dollar General parking lot across from the In and Out Car Inspections joint and the Montressori school in downtown Forest City.

I have no idea how much business she gets but it’s not enough. In the space of fifteen minutes I received the best chair massage I’ve ever had followed by one of the best hot dogs I’ve eaten, all for $12.00 USD.

That’s $10 for the massage and $2 for the dog.

The hot dog proved to be an organic all beef dog served on a warmed bun. I went with a chili cheese dog – add sauerkraut and relish with the usual condiments, but Linda also offered up slaw, jalapenos, and other dog toppers for the more discerning (or just plain hungry) customer.

And you could get a dry dog or a New York dog with everything all for the same 2 bucks.

The massage lasted fifteen minutes and was sheer delight. Linda has very good hands and she listens very well, so I got a shoulder/neck/back and lymph massage that was at just the right pressure to leave me feeling more than relaxed enough to face the rest of my day.

All in all an excellent deal all with roadside convenience…and I took her card. Want to meet her? Try her haunt there on Main Street, Forest City or call her at 1-828-919-7270

And if you get a chance, have a talk with her delightful friend and partner, Debbie – sorry, Debbie, I missed the last name – who is highly amusing and a perfect foil to Linda’s quieter side.

Definitely worth the time, your whole being with thank you later.