You say hello..and I say…

I find that I have done a lot of traveling in rather weird or extreme formats…sometimes voluntarily sometimes involuntarily. I have attended opera galas, concerts, and conventions for business and pleasure, and I have been in car trunks, jail cells, and mental hospitals. I have been in 36 states, 3 countries, 3 mental hospitals, two jails, one cruise ship, many cars, many airplanes, and two private jets. 

I just got home from one place and am leaving for another tonight. This is why I have a roommate to gaurd the house, I am rarely there for any predictable duration.

It occurred to me today, that there might be some other souls out there, that might benefit from hearing about these things because, gods forbid, they may want or need to try them for themselves. 

So I see this as a blog for the extreme experience oriented traveler. If you always go to the same place, the same hotels, or travel solely by cruise ship (A cruise can be an experience but not if it’s all you do) then this website is not for you. 

This page is for the traveler that wanders beyond the “safe” cities, the tourist enclaves and the ports. It includes adventures in jail, in mental hospitals, in slums, and in dangerous places AS WELL as how to find adventure in big cities, small towns, and weird ports both here in the US and abroad. 

It is also for the person who finds themselves traveling against their will.

There is a general tips page – which includes emergency advice, urban and rural survival tips, and a page with suggestions on how you travel light and move quickly. 

In this blog I will be including pages on language, body language, sex, dating, bribery, party skills, and just in general how to have a good time. 

If you are easily offended or if you have a set routine, move on. 

Thanks for viewing! And good journerys.