My current bed – or the indoor applications of cardboard

just need a pinch of my native soil...

I recently found myself needing to sleep somewhere other than home…and a friend was kind enough to let me stay with her. The friend in question, however, lives in a combination dung heap and construction zone. (Although not as much a construction zone as another friend of mine’s!) We are talking a place where cockroaches wait at table in little Victorian suits and cap an apron. This is where the cardboard comes
in…this large box, lined with paper protected me from dog doo, and dirt, and other carpet filth and also allowed me the illusion that only the ex-Alpiner’s among the insect population would come calling. It’s bottom and sides also protected me from the constant floor level draft and the coldness of the  floor itself. A large blanket served as bottom sheet, top sheet, and pillow…and it was really quite comfortable.