Quickly – ah, man…

Oh shit. Really??? Twitter twits tweet that Titanic was just a film…http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/twitter-backlash-people-did-not-know-titanic-real-163523705.html and for the video impaired…http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/titanic-anniversary/9199970/Twitter-users-thought-Titanic-disaster-was-just-a-film-plot.html


Been sick forever

Hi, just a quick blog to let you know that while I am both terminally ill – Lyme disease kills – and very ill, I am not yet dead. What I am is very behind on everything and in some cases so far behind that I feel almost to embarrassed to try starting over. Ah, the Aspie life. Maybe I can post something later.

Wow – My friend Robert got wiki’ed

So recently received an email from my friend, Maestro Robert Hat Baker, saying that one of his friends had finally gotten around to getting him a wiki page. I was excited for him and for myself as well…as there is a reference to the fact that he collaborated on my book, Who Better to Play the devil and a link to the book as well. Awesome, now maybe I’ll start selling some of the damn things!

Anyway here is his wikilink!


Feature: Lifestyle Gym

So, it’s official my health is getting worse. But hey, who wants to live forever?

And no I do not have anything contagious, infectious, or catching…

Today, I want to feature a place that has been helping me stay sane through these very difficult times. Oddly it’s a gym, and frankly I think more people should patronize it.

Lifestyle Gym and Spa in Forest City, NC is a friendly and affordable gym and spa under Christian management and run in the true spirit of the Lord.

This is not a pick up spot or a hang out joint. It is a place where genuinely caring and compassionate people help you get healthy, no matter what your goals, fitness level, or handicaps.

I have never been hassled by anyone, never felt unwelcome and have been truly grateful for the personal services offered there.

These people know my name, my schedule, and often say “hello” to me and to everyone else. One even helped me when I lost a wedding ring, another when I needed directions, and so on. These are just good helpful people.

I especially want to mention three of my personal heroes here…Mary, a kind hearted black woman with a great smile who works the front desk, Patrick, a serious racquetball player, health nut, and member of the management staff who was very kind to me and convinced me to sign up despite previous bad gym experiences, and Marty, a MMA fan, buff guy, and kind soul who ran me through the paces my first day there and who made me feel at home.

And whether you are a lone wolf or are seeking a group/class experience these folks will have something for you.

So go sign up, okay? The facilities are great, the price is more than reasonable, and the staff are all cool.

Facebook and Deviant Art pages!

Hello, finally got a Facebook page up to go with this blog – you’ll find almost all of the travel photos I take there so I suggest you click the link off the home page..or here it is…


I have started with pictures of the USS Clamagore submarine located off Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC.

Deviant artists should go to saintaspie.deviatart.com BUT please remember that full access to Deviant Art is for members only.

Feature: Well Bred Bakery & Café, Weaverville, NC

I wish to congratulate the people at the Well Bred Bakery and Cafe of Weaverville, NC on their excellent food and service. I had a huge eclair and a giant cup of coffee there during a quick stop over on my way north. Everything was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable. I hope to stop by there again and to talk to one of their staff for a fuller review on my way back through town this evening!

Pending…been sick and lazy, my bad

Okay, so stuff I will get to here in the next week barring the advent of Cthulu or the other guy…

  • A few featured article on Charleston, SC restaurants and also on the submarine, Clamagore and the ASW aircraft carrier, Yorktown. (With pictures)
  • Some more Charleston stuff on Meeting and King street, one for the antiquarian, the other for the club hounds.
  • Atomic travel
  • The upcoming Asheville, NC  presentation of La Boheme with pictures.
  • And another shot at Facebook. Sigh.

Coming soon…

Underground tours – trains, gold, and dead people?!? ; and crypt lodgings and nuclear tours – sleep next to a decommed Titan missle?!?! Stuff will be up soon…

Hotel cheats from waystation

I spent this weekend in a transitional hotel between a hospital and home. So I had lodgings but no food or cash or credit for two days whilst I waited on my designated ride. 

Here is where some of the more useful hotel tricks came into play. 

First I raided the hotel lobby’s pile of complimentary items. 



three packages of ketchup

1 cup of hot water (made using the lobby coffee pot)

one salt packet 

Instant tomato soup. Put the ketchup in the cup with the salt. Add the hot water. Stir with a coffee stir stick. 

Beverage – cup of hot water over three free Star peppermint hard candies from the counter. Peppermint “tea”. 


Run as hot as possible and fill to drain hole…as water begins to gurgle out, turn on shower at same speed as the drain plug so that water level and temperature remain constant. Bath with complimentary soap bar, wash hair with same. 

Clean clothes after bath: 

I only had two changes of clothes on me and was damned if I was putting them back on dirty.Took clothes and wet them in the bath water, took them out and lathered them heavily in the complimentary shampoo. Sprayed them under the shower attachment and sloshed them repeatedly in the bath tub. Let out bath and rinsed them in the shower spray and in clean water. Wrung them out very throughly and hung them over shower rail to dry and turned on infrared heating lamps. 

Wrapped self in towels and slept. 


Dressed in dry clothes and went down to free continental breakfast. Grabbed two of everything, three of the cereals and fruits. Grabbed cocoa packets in fours/teas in fours. Snagged four cups, milk in two, juice in two and bowls and lots of condiments and groused under breath the whole time about the rest of the family being too lazy to come out for food for other guests’ benefit.

Returned to room, ate, washed cups and bowls in bar soap. Put the rest of the food and washed clothes in my zipper bag. Go for a walk so maid can do up room and provide more soap, shampoo, etc. 

Lunch/Dinner: Scrounged foods from this morning. Reused cups and bowls after washing in sink with new bar of soap left by maid.

Repeat bath and put on clothes that are clean. Repeat wash of dirty clothes. 

Next morning repeat scrounging for food stuffs. Discovered a nearby Walmart and ate samples, too.

And so forth. 

This kept me respectable for the required two days until I could get my ride home. And all for free – save the room which was paid in advance.

From the road…

Hello, all. I am writing from the road and in a somewhat odd position in that I am in a place where the jacuzzi, the pool, and the room are all “free” but nothing else is. So I spent most of today in water in some form…after being “in system” again, I felt in desperate need of a cleansing. After that TV- something I see maybe three or four times a year in a normal year. Soaked up shows about pararescue jumpers, travelogues about Madrid and Kenya, watched Family Guy and Futurama loads of History Channel, and then off to bed. How I managed for food and drink with absolutely no cash will be posted when I get back to my computer and don’t have a twenty minute limit. (Free internet in the lobby but only x amount). Gotta love our entertainment culture!